Our Team

Maksim Avseev

General Manager

As a business tycoon in the making, Maksim has grown from strength to strength. Starting off in Belarus with a degree in Finance and Credit from the Belarusian State Economics University, Maksim moved to the States and completed a Finance and Accounting degree at the University...

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Chrys Bystrom

Director of Business Development

Chrys is that guy who has the confidence to dive in head-first without a plan and somehow succeeds against all odds – to everyone’s surprise. Originally from the small town of Osceola, WI – though he’d never admit – Chrys quickly escaped to Minnesota where he completed...

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James Dilucchio

Operations Manager

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, James is the proud father of two twin daughters and a son. His background as a carpenter goes way back, with a Journeyman Carpenter Certificate that led him to completing a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. With eight years as a...

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Olga Vahrameev

Senior Estimator

Olga is the kind of person who counts her pets as part of her family. With a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Moldova (Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture), Olga started a lengthy and diverse career. Her experience includes nine years in...

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Eduard Kaftanov


Eduard might be married with two kids, but the construction business is his mistress – that temptress he simply can’t get enough of. After 15 years as a Structural Engineer and three years as an Estimator, Eduard has the knowledge and experience that make him an expert in...

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Rodney Gifford

Material Estimator

When you think of the quintessential man’s man – a guy who has mastered all outdoor activities and is exactly the person you would want next to you when the Zombie Apocalypse comes – Rodney definitely fits the bill here at PetraBee! With a degree in education, Rodney...

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Dasha Babiy


Born in Minsk, Belarus, Dasha is a family woman who loves nothing more than to spend time with her husband and daughters – Emiliya and Vasilisa. Her degree in Finance and Credit from the Belarusian State Economic University makes her an invaluable addition to the PetraBee...

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Nataliia Matus

Marketing Coordinator

Every company needs someone to tell their story. Nataliia is our marketing specialist and spends her time crafting compelling narratives to tell the world why PetraBee should be their first choice in construction. With a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the National Aviation...

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Fernando Zamora

Project Manager

With 24 years in construction, we can deduce that Fernando either had no choice but to go into construction or that he had a burning passion for it from the get-go. Based on how well he does his job and the upbeat attitude he brings to work, we’re pretty sure it’s the...

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Vlad Peredereev

Project Manager

Vlad’s motto is “work hard, play hard!” And he certainly practices what he preaches. While he grew up in Rostov, Russia, he moved to the U.S. in his early 20s where he started his career in construction. This move set him on his journey to becoming an expert in stucco,...

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Vladimir Pavounko

Warranty Specialist

If there’s one thing you need to know about Vladimir, it’s that he could already build a motorcycle by the age of ten. And if that’s not impressive enough, then consider that he was already working on cars by the age of six. While his name evokes the stereotypical imagery...

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