Chrys Bystrom

Director of Business Development

Chrys is that guy who has the confidence to dive in head-first without a plan and somehow succeeds against all odds – to everyone’s surprise. Originally from the small town of Osceola, WI – though he’d never admit – Chrys quickly escaped to Minnesota where he completed his degree in Civil Engineering. He started his career as a Junior Estimator in Vail, Colorado where he discovered that he actually liked the counting thing enough to get himself promoted to Chief Estimator a year later.

Chrys gradually picked up a range of different skills in the specialty contractor trades, and stayed with Gallegos for 20 years before he left to start a new adventure at PetraBee. With his love for speed, risks, and excitement, Chrys is a born skier, with some EDM and DJ skills thrown in just to add some eclectic style for his many fans!


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