5 Massive Benefits of Building with Masonry

Why Stonework Works for Everyone

The success of using masonry in construction is quite literally set in stone. With a history spanning centuries, stone-work has laid the foundation for some of the most breathtaking feats of architecture and construction the world has ever seen.

You don’t need to be building the next Chartres Cathedral to be able to use stone-masonry in your next project. Here are some of the incredible advantages and benefits of using masonry (or stone veneer siding) in construction:

  1. It’s Timeless.
    Masonry is almost as old as architecture itself. As one of the original skilled trades in the world, this art of construction is more than 6000 years old. Not only is the trade itself eternal, but the style and look of masonry or stone veneer siding will never fade. Building with masonry today ensures a building that’s as strong and beautiful as the day it was brought to life.
  2. It’s Durable.
    There’s a reason why some of the oldest wonders of the world are still standing to this day. The art of masonry is largely based on the ability to create structures that will stand the test of time for many years to come.
  3. It’s Resistant to Damage
    So, how exactly did those stunning, ancient buildings survive for so long? It’s predominantly thanks to the incredible durability of masonry. By working with clay, stone, brick or marble, construction workers can ensure that a building or structure is fire-, weather-, and termite-resistant for centuries to come.
  4. It’s Beautiful
    Masonry is called an art for a reason. The natural, earthy look of stone veneer siding lends an air of class and timelessness to any design. Skilled masonry experts can create endless designs, patterns, and styles by using the same natural materials that we admire in nature. Using stone veneer siding instead of natural stone is also a great way to upgrade your home if you didn’t use masonry for the original construction process. This way, you can enjoy the stunning, natural look of stone without moving or drastically re-constructing your home. This stone look will not only add a beautiful style to your home, but it can also add value to the resale price if you decide to sell your property one day.
  5. It Doesn’t Take That Long
    One of the myths regarding mason work is that it simply takes too long to work with. Thanks to modern technology and refined construction processes, a skilled masonry team can construct a structurally sound, stunning building in a reasonably short amount of time. Whatever extra time the construction process might take is easily compensated for when you see the beauty and awe-inspiring results.

Set It in Stone

Make masonry your first choice for your next construction project, and enjoy the beauty created by skilled craftsmen for years to come. If you have any questions about masonry or using stone veneer siding in your home, get your free estimate now.


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