In our experience, the biggest problem for most residential or commercial projects in Colorado isn’t always noticed right away. It isn’t the workmanship or materials, or even structural challenges. It usually shows up a few years after a new build or remodel is done, and it has to do with the often-changing (and sometimes harsh) Rocky Mountain climate.

It doesn’t have to do with ultra-violet rays from the sun, or even the sometimes gusty winds. What is it? This biggest, most expensive problem that causes damage to commercial buildings and homes alike, deals with water.

Jeremy Douglas wrote an article in the June 2010 issue of – “The Role of Flashing In Masonry” – that addresses this important topic.

Construction industry sources estimate that up to 90 percent of all problems with masonry buildings are moisture-related. Douglas writes about the one factor that is responsible for most of these problems:

“I consider workmanship to be the most significant factor of moisture penetration in masonry that we can maintain complete control over. Taking care to properly install materials by following the manufacturer’s recommendations are pertinent details to good mason work.”

That’s where the installation of proper flashing and waterproof systems play a very important role in preventing these moisture-related problems. If these best construction practices aren’t implemented in a new build or remodel, we see the same project being re-done a few or several years later.

We realize that it’s tempting to want to select the lowest-cost contractor for any project, especially in today’s challenging economy. However, when a residential or commercial project isn’t done right the first time, that can be the most expensive mistake a home or business-owner can make. You don’t want to pay more money out-of-pocket for this, or any other construction-related mistake down the road. Make sure you choose an insured qualified company for your project.


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